What is Your Life Calendar?

If someone asks you of your age before  telling  your age, in your mind you already  have created a schedule of  your age and you label yourself as per the schedule. In our minds  most of the times we create this schedule as early as in our teen age .n a no had divided my life into different columns 0-10 years childhood, 11-20 yes I m young, 21-30 this is the prime of my youth, 30-40 My youth will be fading away, I should be careful about my body,  40-50 I will be growing old. 50-60 I am on the verge of retirement – mentally & physically, . This calendar similar or different is created in most of people’s mind. This schedule takes the shape at the time when we acknowledge we are not immortals i.e. we realize our mortality. We realize how fragile our lives are. We want to plan our events as per this schedule e.g. an ordinary guy or a girl will be dying to get married in late twenties.

You know how this schedule is crafted in our mind: inspired by people’s lives around us and conditioned by situation & attitude they have in their lives so who is actually crafting this schedule in our life? Not  we – who have sole authority of our lives but people who have intentionally or unintentionally entered into our lives and then in our mind. These people can be family & sometimes friends & in worse cases people we don’t know but are acquaintances.

Humans are  social animal. We maintain a society & everybody has a personal zone & a social zone in which he or she allows certain kind of people to be there. We move through our lives with these people.

These are the people who are actually deciding for our lives most of the times. Who told you that you should be married now-your friends because they are married now. Who told you that whether you feel like or not but you should be polite to other’s kids. Because  most  of  people  do  that  way. Who told you’ve to label your life as happy or miserable in your mind because people around you make so much effort to define prerequisites of a good life and a bad life. But what’s the need?

You can feel young at heart at the age of 55 also. It’s your choice dear. Who says grey hair means you have lost your youth?  You can laugh a loud like a kid even if you are at the position of a VP in a company. Don’t let others decide this life calendar for you. Actually there is no need of such schedule. But yes people around us leave a mark.

So, be very careful about the choice of people and things that takes entry into your mind & hence your lives. Be in company of those who elevates your positivity, who don’t put you into comparison mode. e.g. what’s your salary package, mine is this much.

True friends always make you feel secure and happy no matter where they are geographically but they gonna be staying in your mind & thus inspiring you to live your largest lives.

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