People around us use this term ”Spiritual” more often these days. I myself am so confused tagging me a Hindu or a Buddist  or a spiritual person or I don’t know there are so many terms. You can see me using term “Wallah” or “Mashallah” on my facebook account. I follow meditation and am inspired by Buddha’s life. Visiting Vatican city is on my wishlist. I try to visit Gurdwara regularly. By now, anyone can start to view me as multireligious. People around me often take liberty of calling me “Hippie” rather than a spiritual person.

But  I feel,  today’s  fast lifestyle has left us with less energy & hence we are less oriented towards our religious beliefs. We go with the flow; we are liberal in our ways. Nowdays we perform our rituals but with our extra toppings that suits us.Not a bad idea!

Our generation performs SURYA-NAMASKAR but not at the time of dawn , but at the time when we wake up. So we are not lazy but doing it as per our convenience.

This concept of global community has made us more informed,experimental and creative.we can see our parents and Our grandparents having pasta at Pizzahut on our birthday parties. In one of my friend’s house, they have Diwali party, Christmas party, ID party every year.Purpose is to seek happiness, to celebrate life, to be together .

One thing most appreciable about our young generation is we know how to include variety to our basket of life. Multitasking nowadays has become a lifestyle statement rather than just being need of the hour. We party, we read, we are active in our surroundings, we have started to volunteer, we meditate ,we celebrate our lives. We are open to learning new things. I wonder how many times do we type “How To” on google.

We accept our friends as they are. the most beautiful  thing about this era is we are not biased due to religion. We can enjoy Karim’s Biryani as much as we love Giani’s  Icecream. This is the time we should come together and be celebrating our lives together.


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