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Hi Readers, Welcome to my blog..My name is Ruchika.I am no guru nor any mentor with tantrums. I dont wear white or orange colour clothes nor there is any “mala” around my neck. So you can visualize me as a very normal girl who enjoys her daily routine and sometimes gets worried due to slightest increase in her weight. I play guitar and am happy in my family. Like any other girl , I am possessive about my dresses ,shoes and bags.I love gardening.Writing is my passion and sharing my thoughts is my habit.I love listening to music while I drive. No! I don’t drive rash , I think that’s irresponsible.I love to swim when it rains(because that is the only time when I don’t fear of getting a tan.)I enjoy partying with my friends.My funda for life ,is to live life day by day. I don’t believe in planning a lot.One thing that makes me weak is my emotions.I cant handle them properly but i am learning.Emotions are like spoiled kids;you pamper them yourself and then they get on your nerves.This blog is a small step towards managing my emotions and thoughts which have taken refuge in my writings.

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