Life Is No Rehearsal,This Is The Final Take !

More than half of our thoughts,our imaginations go waste,does not materialise. There are countless numbers of time we make our resolutions that we will make some efforts to change our lives be it through weight loss,be it through dedicating ourselves into our jobs ,be it committed to our relationships or spending quality time with our kids or parents or trying to live a healthy lifestyle.But does it actually happen?sometimes yes and most of the time no.

I have a friend who maintains a wardrobe for collecting clothes that he will wear when he will loose some weight. But i don’t know when will that day come?you are busy fantasising yourself in a world different from what you are living today.But how far these lives are apart-its you who has to decide .This distance can be one step away or a whole yard of fantasyland.

They say “Tiniest of the actions is better than the boldest of intentions.”Every journey starts from a single step. Take the first step and you will catch up with the pace .This world will remember you as who you are not what you want to be. your  wanna  be thoughts are in your mind ,this world is watching you as actually what you are made of. No effort goes in vain. No work is insignificant work in this world.

But the irony is like our fastfood we want everything  to happen fast in our life.we have to be patient. every effort ,no matter how tiny it is ,creates the foundation of next step ,leaves a way for  the next brick to come.This  world works that way only.No genius is created with a snap of finger .Its a process .Only miracles happen overnight.

Anything can be created  iconically with a calm and unhurried mind. Feel no pressure. The most effective way to achieve a lot is to do one thing at a time.This is the law of nature. Every fruit comes into life after going through a whole series of four seasons.

What is needed is to sow a seed, a seed of effort ,of dedication and definitely results will speak louder than your thoughts in your mind. Dont  live a double life; one in your mind and one in this world.Try to make it one. It asks for some effort but its really worth it to actually lead your dream life .I am putting on my joggers,lets see what you do after reading this article.Do tell me!

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3 Replies to “Life Is No Rehearsal,This Is The Final Take !”

  1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself,not the life others expected of me.It’s the top of the five regrets of the dying in the new book by Bronnie Ware just arrived in the local can google for the remaining 4 or else I can mention here if you say so.
    It is our time mind and business let us resolve to invest wisely.