It’s a Beautiful Day

Most of us have habit of judging our lives on different parameters. We often use this term  ‘Settle Down’ or ‘Financial Security’ or ‘Social Security.’ But does it all that matters? life has taken me to a point where I have to disagree. 

I agree with the dialogue in a famous movie when asked by a colonel “How will you live your life?” Rambo replied “Day by Day.” It’s actually easier to live our lives day by day rather than planning for ahead and each day we are planning for days to come and years ahead.

Do we actually cherish our today and celebrate our self bring alive. I Know it’s a bit typical philosophical to say life is a journey. But for me it’s actually true. Compare it to a vacation when it starts. There is a lot of excitement; in between sometimes it loses some of its pace, but when we meet different types of strangers it grips on some more excitement and when they leave, excitement lowers then when we are about to reach our destination excitement is at peak. So is our life.

We make new friends, meet new people; hence our life becomes more interesting. Anything new in life adds to the fresh energy in our life be it new people, new activity, new dream. But irony is that we are reluctant to open up to new people, we rarely talk to new people. Sometimes, we don’t gather the guts to say hello or ask someone stranger who may seem interesting to us. We are bound by our pre-conditioned preferences, our likes & his/her dislikes nurturing a lot of questions in our mind – will he respond or not, he may not like being approached by a stranger or so on & so forth. Hence, we continue to sail on a journey without pace, without excitement.

Interestingly, when we go through our contact list in our phone, there may be half a dozen of people whom we wish to say hello, someone’s health is not well or just a social call. But this reluctance – our day night companion is not sparing us to dial the number. It’s just a matter of dialling and after that you enjoy conversing with this guy that you end up putting down the phone with a call summary of 20:00 or   25 :00minutes.

But on our facebook a/c, if we notice, all day we keep on checking out the new notifications or same notifications again & again knowing well that these cyber friends rarely matters to us. Aren’t we living a fake life?

Live your day with the complete ownership of yours only and live your life day by day. Because when you learn to say “It’s a Beautiful Day.” One day you’ll end up saying “It’s a Beautiful Life.”

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