How Do You See It ?

 How Do You See It?

Whenever someone mentions a beautiful pool, we all will visualize a blue or green clear water body surrounded by lush green ferns or palms because it’s our idea of a beautiful pool. But that’s not the case with an innocent child. He’s not conditioned to view things such way. They’ve their own idea of exoticity.

Yesterday, I was talking to a very charming baby who was elaborating to me about a very pretty swimming pool and when asked what colour was it of, she replied – it was beautiful brown. I said what? She replied it was beautiful, yummy and sinful chocolaty coloured.

 I realized how narrow thoughts headed we are! We all have an image of everything in our mind which is based on what we have heard or what we are accustomed to. We have conditioned our mind with the incidents of pasts or by experiences of people around us.

 Success is as probable as failure. A few failures does not mean that success will not follow.

The only need is to be creative in our thinking.It is rightly said,”opportunities in our life are narrowed by lack of creativity in our mind.”


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