Take Care!

Take Care!

You all take care of your kids ,your pets,your belongings and sometimes your favourite mugs but when it comes to taking care of yourselves, you lose it.

No one in this world is more worthy of your best treatment but you, you are as deserving candidate of your love, affection and care as anyone else in this universe.You yourself are the one who is constantly communicating with yourself by means of thoughts. You have to deal with yourself first then others.

Start pampering yourself right this moment. This way you’ll condition yourself to pamper the ones around you.It is equally important to have empathy towards others. Your treatment to others defines your expectations of how you want to be treated by others. If you want to be treated well by others, treat them well.No wealth, no knowledge, no wisdom, no power gives you right to treat others badly.Start from your home. People around you, even who serve you, your housekeeping; they also don’t deserve to be taken for granted for your anger or disgust due to other issues in your life.Even Before that, let’s start treating our body, our health at the first place.

A good spirit resides in a good body.Buddha said, “Without health life is not life, it’s only a state of languor & suffering – an image of death.”


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3 Replies to “Take Care!”

  1. So true but so ignorantly overlooked.Thanks for reminding me.It is working for last an hour.A recent Australian study on 7000 people also discovered that,
    ” those who believe they have control of their destiny have a healthier lifestyle than those who believe in “luck” or “faith.”