You Have A Unique ID

                        You Have A Unique ID

How many times it happens in a restaurant, we are sitting and wonder that other person’s platter is better than us. Sometimes we are so inspired by somebody’s life that we start to wish for the life he or she is living. Although we are not aware of all aspects of his life but still we are excited by thought of living that kind of life. This also happens whenever we get to see our celebrity’s lifestyle; we forget to consider certain intricacies involved and start to wish for that kind of life style. But the fact is everyone has got his own share of sugar & spice in his plate.  

 Yesterday, I visited my favorite restaurant and saw a gentleman, who was regular there and share a good repu tation with the staff in that hotel. I always used to wonder how lucky he is, almost daily he have his lunch in such fancy restaurant when I asked to a waiter who he was, why he is there almost daily. I was shocked to hear this rich gentleman has no family and he hates to eat alone, that’s why he prefers to ea t here. I was annoyed by the thought how quickly we get excited to live other’s life without knowing the actual facts.

God has created you in a unique way. In this way, you are given a unique Id and no one else can play this role better than you. You have your own unique DNA, so is your personality. Be proud to play “you”. Don’t try to imitate others.

Your sense of humor or your seriousness, your fair color or dark complexion, your sharp features or a normal face, these things comprise you. You are a unique combination of certain unique or normal traits. Every creation of nature is beautiful in its unique way.

Problem arises when we try to behave like others. We can’t play other’s role as perfectly as he is doing it. What is best for us is that we understand our own personality, search out our own unique talent or the special gift best owed to us by nature and play with it.

Be proud of what you’ve got. If you think of any value addition, think it your own unique way not the way other is trying to do, because happiness in your life is limited by your own narrowing of creativity. Expand your platform of recognizing of opportunities. Think the unique way.

One of the most successful pioneers are on their positions because they thought differently. You need to think out of the box. Your idea, your way should be special that will take you into league of extra ordinary. If you try to think someone else’s style, there is no use. It is already there, nothing new about it.

Anything  be it a business idea, piece of art, product or services is hit in its segment if it is over the edge. You don’t value that is already in ample, we cherish different & exclusive. So, search out your exclusivity and sharpen your edges and then come out with your equipments. Believe in your own capabilities, you will love being you.

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