Restlessness – A State Before Creation

Restlessness can be a state before a creation or a disaster. This state contains a lot of energy but this energy is unorganized. Handled with care, this energy of unrest can be transformed into creation of something beautiful, creative. Take your time and make your mind in unhurried state.

We are restless when we have to achieve targets and are given deadliness. At the last moments of time, when there is more to be done. We feel restless. This is the moment when we can decide where we have to go. Due to restlessness, we can loosen our grip on our work or we can increase our efficiencies towards organized fulfillment of goals.

Don’t be afraid of this state of unrest. Rather consider it as an extra topping of energy but this energy, if not tackled properly, can ruin whole of your mind frame, whole piece of work until done.

This state is more prominent in the times of our reactions. God forbidden, if somebody cheats on you, you feel hurt and sometimes go in a state of completely loss of your mind. This is the time when we’ve to decide how should we react. Should we teach him a lesson or take our way away from such company.

Next time when you are shaking in restlessness, don’t let this extra energy take over your mind rather use this extra slice of cheese to make better fruitful & wise decisions of your life. When you are restless, there is a lot of energy in you, your body & your mind. You have to direct it wisely. e.g.  You are speeding on a sports car and its very high energy due to high speed this is the fragile moment when you can either bump the car & have an accident or you can win the race.

Restlessness is a state when you have a lot of thoughts and every single thought is out of your controlling gear. Remember the last time you were restless,you were walking here and there like a crazy bull who does not know where to go?You have lots of unorganised thoughts in your mind,not able to decide what to do and what to say.Its rightly said that excess of everything is bad. Excess of energy which is uncontrolled can entangle you in very dangerous situations.Astate of excess energy should be taken very cautiously as in case of a Ferrari,you need a very skilled driver behind the wheel.




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