Let’s Wear Something Beautiful !

There are 2 types of personalities that leave an impression on the person we meet and make a mark even after we are gone from that place. One is physical that is made out of clothes you wear, the perfume you put on, your body language, your gesture etc. Persons who make a mark through these things make a lot of effort on what he or she is wearing; invest a lot on their clothes and accessory. No wonder there is a huge market of exclusive things because mostly people fall into this category of taking care of their attire very seriously. It feels good to get appreciated and this appreciation comes so easily by spending a few notes (sometimes more) of dollars.

Second part of personality is not physical. You can’t see it. It can be felt. In Meta physical terminology, it is known as Aura. In general words, we call it vibes or energy. It can be positive or negative. It asks for no money spending. This positive aura is developed by investing positivity in your thoughts. What you think is what you become. Like wearing a good cloth to look good, you should think good to feel good. Although impression that you make through your physical appearance is first & is equally important but impression due to your aura, your positivity is long lasting & can be felt later; for a very long time.

Clothes reflect how you look to others and your thoughts make you how you feel to others and most importantly to yourself too. You should select your thoughts daily the way you choose your clothes daily. Everyday every moment you are putting on a thought, so try to make it beautiful One. like our body our mind have a very few moments when it’s not wearing anything. It’s the time of cleansing. Cleansing of mind is done by meditation and conscious living, strengthening your inner hence outer self.

The way we update our wardrobe, we should do it with our thoughts. New beautiful thoughts & new ideas are necessary for self enrichment.Remember you need to take control of your thoughts that s how you can control your life.

So “Let’s wear something beautiful today.”

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