I Couldn’t See Myself in Mirror! Can You?

Yesterday, I was trying to see myself in a mirror of another car but since the car was moving I couldn’t see my reflection. This thing happens to us almost daily & we are trying to figure out what’s wrong, mirror is there, but where is our reflection? This mirror is our daily life, this movement is constant turmoil in our mind- turmoil of our thoughts and reflection is what we are actually trying to achieve. We people don’t have authority over mind; rather our mind is dictating us. Full of unorganized, rational & irrational thoughts, logical & illogical reasoning – this mind is ruining our lives. Will you ever sit in a cab whose chauffer has completely lost his mind? Never, we have a fear that he’ll bumped us into another car or he’ll never take us to our destination. Then why have you given your life in control of a mind which is completely out of your grip.

Take the charge. Whether u realize it or not but most of the situations are created in your life due to fear, insecurity in your mind e.g. that man is looking at me with very weird eyes, what should I do?dear may be that person is blind he cant look at u or may be he is thinking something. We create situations in our mind which are (most of the times) completely baseless and then we start to take stress to sort out that imaginary problems. Most of the time these problems will never arise and there will be no need of any solution. Rather we create situations ourselves inspired by the illogical anticipations in our mind. Remember, last time when you were having an argument with somebody, even before argument has started, a CD was playing in your mind – he’ll say this then I‘ll say this, I’ll reply like this on  his questions. This conversation was in your mind and was taking a lot of toll in terms of stress on your mind. Avoid such situations. Have control of your mind so that  you can see your reflections i.e. materializing your planned events in your life.

This is so simple. Observe your mind and whenever it goes out of line, like a small child, tell it to come back and stop wandering. There is absolutely no need of meditation to achieve this, rather you can achieve it through “eat while you eat, sleep while you sleep, laugh while you laugh.” i.e. whatever you do, it should be exclusive and sorted out .sometimes multitasking or i should say multithinking is very dangerous.Stop this constant movement of unnecessary of your thoughts and you ll be able to see your reflection in your mirror.

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