Fitness Mantra

Lets  stay fit. It’s absolutely possible and easier than you actually think it would be. If you have some extra weight, there’s absolutely no need to worry. Because the good news is you are the one who puts food into your mouth not anybody else. Imagine a situation when in the dark hours of night some demonized invisible creature comes into your room and feed you with your favorite food just to make you gain some extra pounds. This is not the case. So situation is in your hands.

The easiest thing to be on this earth is you and the most difficult thing to be is what others want you to be.First of all, accept that you are overweight and it’s not a crime. I’m not saying you resign yourself of your overweight but don’t hate yourself because you are not just your body, but more than that. You can be a loyal friend, a generous person, a loving spouse or a caring father. Since you acknowledged this, you should accept the fact that you have not gained extra pounds overnight and losing it will not be a Jeanie’s blink of eye. So have a positive attitude because you are heading towards good and losing weight will make you gain your confidence.

Now whether you take a weight loss programme or not, it’s absolutely immaterial. Important is that whatever you eat, you should be accountable for it. You should be responsible for what you put in your mouth not the one who is forcing you to eat that slice of freshly baked cake. Don’t eat for other’s persuasive efforts. Learn to say no. Don’t Say “I Can’t” but say“I’ll prefer not to have it now.” Self choice is not a deprivation – it’s a freedom. “I can’t” this show your incapability to do and “I’ll prefer not to eat it” this statement shows your capacity to make a choice.

  • Rather than focusing on where you are, focus on where you want to be. Concentrate on the ‘Slim & Fit’ you rather than ‘Unfit’ you. Have a clear picture of what you want to look like & how you will feel when you’ll lose the weight. Having a clear target is important because you can’t hit it if you can’t see it. Now time for some action.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are better sounds of nature than your mail or text alerts on your PC or any other device. Don’t stick on your couch all day long. Don’t be a slave of these tech – gizmos.
  • Daily – have a physical activity – be it a walk, any outdoor game, workout, swim anything. And mind it daily means 24 hours not 48 or 72 hours. Start from slow and small. E.g. 20 mins walk and just a few stretching when you come out of your bed.
  • Stop eating sugar or sugar containing products. They say “Sugar you eat is fat your wear on your body.” Its ok ! you can start having it in moderation after you achieve what you want. You like chocolate but it doesn’t like your waist.
  • Avoid eating refined flour & processed food. Have starchy carbs like rice, pasta, breads at breakfast time only. Have protein in every meal. Avoid processed meat like sausages, salami due to their unhealthy preservatives.
  • Eat lots of vegetables (Sorry no potatoes) raw or cooked.
  • Have regular small meals throughout the day. Your body should not starve so after every 3 – 4 hours have a small meal like apple, nuts or salad. Keep healthy snacks handy or you’ll end up eating that leftover cake or just plain bread in hour of hunger.
  • Drink lots of water. This is the golden rule; this will detoxicate your body and will keep your metabolism active. Start your day with 2 glasses of water.
  • Alcohol is fattening. Try not to have more than one glass per day. Avoid taking beer. (I know this is hard because I myself love to be in high of Vodka Bull) but no worries, you’ll get used to it.
  • Remember there is nothing like “Low-Cal” Fries on this earth. So don’t fool yourself.

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One Reply to “Fitness Mantra”

  1. Good emotional and logical analysis Ruchika. It was hitting where the iron was hot.No one else but I am the reason of my over weight.