Carry Yourself !

It happens to almost all of us. When we are out of our home –say on vacation or at somebody else’s place, whole of our life pattern gets unorganised. We miss out on our certain core activities that make our life. Then what we do is make an excuse to ourselves that when we’ll be back to our place, life will be back on the track.

Why is it so that our life is dependent on a place so much that mere being there or not being there shakes up all of our life? Or is it that place that makes the actual difference? Reason is lack of discipline not in mere activities but lack in discipline in our thoughts. That’s why it also happens that sometimes we are home but we don’t feel like home. We are driven by mess up of so many activities (unorganised) that we actually don’t have time to take a breather and have a clear thought where our life is heading to?

I understand everybody’s life comprises of a lot of activities, actions to be done but are they actually core of life? We must understand clearly what makes our life? What is the essence of our life? There has to be something very crucial, the presence of which makes it complete. And when that essence is gone, you are not living your life but letting it go. Take a grip on your mind so that you can get hold of your life.

For example an international musician visits India for a concert. This trip also includes visit to the prestigious places of Mumbai, meeting with an Indian celebrity and visit to the marvellous and beautiful Taj mahal .And he is so lost in the other activities so much that he forgets to perform in his concert. Does it make any sense? No. You can’t lose the focus from the core. Everybody has some unique trait, any interest area that, if followed passionately, can change one’s life.

The major problem lies in identifying the actual core, that essence. Anything that makes you forget  to see the clock. Anything that makes you complete ,anything that makes you forget where you are. Can be anything-reading, writing, experiencing adventures, music. Once you find it make it heart of your life. Once you include it in your daily life you’ll experience living a beautiful authentic life no matter  where you are-home or out of the home.

Like all other essentials also carry your”SELF”with you wherever and whenever and your luggage ll be complete and its home everywhere.

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