Are You Living The Same Day Again?

Yesterday, I had pizza, my favorite. This morning I had pizza too, coz I love it. For dinner I am going to have my pizza again. How does that sound to you? Boring Na! Same here.

Purely monotonous to me also. Can you do it? Can you do your favorite thing again & again, no matter how much pleasure it gives to you? I guess not. We all need change ,entirely or moderately we try to incorporate some change in our life. Be it by trying a new cuisine at a new restaurant, by appreciating new genre of music. (Here comes concept of remixes.), on special occasions as per our mood we dress up differently. Why do we do that? Simply because a normal human needs some kind of space from monotony.

Most of us do this unintentionally. We live the same day again and again. We have confined our self in a box which restricts us to follow new passions, try out new experiences. New dreams, new passions they give us new energy to live a new different world. Change is the most sustainable thing in this world. New passions in your life not only rejuvenate but also increase your buffer of learning and wisdom. I am really inspired by Jim Carry’s movie “Yes Man”. By saying yes to new things, you open new avenues , new opportunities in your life. You never know which new thing discovered can make you earn a fortune. Who knows which opportunity is awaiting you round the corner.

Life is a perfect blend of a lot of things – old cherished and new discovered. I know everyone has their own favorites and their comfort zones. If you can’t change it, you can always expand it in small proportions. Be comfortable with your fear of change. Face it.

I know it’s really hard. But trust me it’s completely possible. Life is too beautiful to be lived in a same monotonous manner again & again. Ask yourself,  when was the last time you  tried something for the first time ? if you have to answer it after a lot of effort, it means it’s time for change dear.

Love every aspect of yourself. Your life is nothing but a reflection of you. Make it versatile. Never get used to of  anyone or anything- be it an emotion, food, dress code. Get used to a single thing “change” and life will be different.

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2 Replies to “Are You Living The Same Day Again?”

  1. Thanx lux…ur appreciation is motivation for my next writing,I hope u r in good health an I m planning to write on weight management as there are requests from people who r regular on ruchikabliss.whether u buy on kindle or any other device important is that u read an focus on what u want to achieve.good wishes.