Are we faking it?

Have you ever wondered we all behave differently in our private life and public life. Our ego doesn’t allow us to behave in a manner that can disrupt our public image.And  i guess this difference in our public and private behaviour is the major  reason of agony in our life. In our own mind, in a particular situation we have two different images of our self. One is private” me” and other is public” me”.

These two “me”,s  are responsible for  lack of quality in our life.  Quality life is a beautiful thought that is playing at the backstage of our mind. This beautiful thought is what life should be  ideally. At different times in our life as per our convenience we put on a facade and behave in an ideal manner. These times are times when our behaviour thrives on approval of others but in our private zone surrounded by our loved ones we take liberty of behaving in a manner that may be unacceptable to our own self also.

Least is the difference between our  private behaviour and public behaviour more improved is our quality as a person. Because most of people try to behave “ideally” in public as we want our image to be “ideal” in front of public. So, what we do is whether we believe in it or not we behave in a manner that is acceptable to others. Here starts the irony in our life.

This gap between  private me and public me can be narrowed down very easily. Make yourself a constant observer of your behaviour even when you are not in public; when you are at home in your bed room , in your kitchen , with your kids or even with your servants also. This way even if you presume yourself being watched ,you won’t misbehave even with the people you take for granted in your life(Mostly they include our spouse & parents).Your reaction to every situation should be conscious one. Your behaviour should be authorised by not only others but by your self also.small liberties do no harm but as a whole your behaviour ,your  reaction should get a pass from your own conscious and then others.

Hence you will be conditioned to behave “ideally“ in all situations with all people at all times.

Note: “Ideal”  -This word is very subjective when we come to define it so beware what is ideal for you?

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