Success is a mode,Stay Tuned !

                            Success is a mode,Stay Tuned !

How does it feel when we get success, amazing top of the world and how does it feel to get failed? Bad Obviously. Have you ever noticed there are times in our life when we are happy and we are getting good news on & on. And sometimes we are sad and whole day we are surrounded by negative incidents. So what is the reason? The reason is the type of mode you are in. They say money makes money but actually when you are focusing on money, you are making money and money & money. Nature knows no bias. Nature gives you back what you give to the nature.

When you are happy, giving good vibes to people around you, it will give you thousand of reasons to be happy. You are on a receptive mode of getting more & more. A few bad incidents should not turn off your receptive mode otherwise signals will remain there but since you have switched off your device, there is no connectivity.

Have you ever switched off your cell phone due to a few call failures. No, what we do is we try again. Same ways a few bad incidents should not persuade you to go in a state of negativity and giving no response to other beautiful things in your life.

Whatever life gives to you, good experiences or bad experiences; everything has a purpose. Even one of the worst experiences of your life can equip you with some good lessons that will help you in avoiding even worse situations in future. Without experiencing difficult times in your life, you cannot admire the beauty of a comfortable and hassle free life.  Remember the last time when you came out of your fever, how much you had valued your normal being of health. You start to cherish small pleasures of life.

To stay in this mode what you have to do is to engage in activities that gives you joy & happiness. Surround yourself with the people who recognize the positivity & happiness in you not the ones who take out the negative side of you by criticizing you. Life is full of good & bad experience. Bad ones are there to give you some lesson. Take that lesson and focus on good ones. And you are on for a successful and blissful life.

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  1. Amazing things here. I’m very satisfied to peer your article. Thank you so much.