Is Your Credit Card Working Properly?

Yesterday I went for shopping and on every swipe I was exhilarated.  Then I realized that how weak I am in my basic finance. We all know that when our A/c gets debited it means Withdrawal & A/c Credited means addition. We take a lot of pain; a lot of sweat goes into earning money and in creating a big bank balance. We are in state of misery working days &night in office sacrificing some of the most beautiful moments of our life at home. We are missing out on our basic pleasures of life and now   comes the moment of spending it. Wow, we are planning for a long vacation at our dream destination. Planning a wedding at yacht or a beach party. Just giving a single thought on our favorite vacation & we get an adrenaline hit. We are in the state of euphoria. We know that one swipe of our credit or debit card may cause us losing a big amount of hard earned  money but we are dying to give it a swipe for our planned event.

See we have been taught wrong basics of Maths. If debit means withdrawal, why are we so happy debiting it and if credit means addition why do we have to surrender our beautiful pleasures of life?

Give it a thought. It should be otherwise but all our lives we were in a race not to earn that money in our A/c but for the pleasures we can buy from that money and when finally when my a/c has been star rated in my bank’s prestigious clients  list;I am not in the state of spending it. I am giving it a thought. I am trying to save; I am trying to compromise on my pleasures. I am not saying you should be spendthrift or you should spend all your money in one go. Because money is very important in life, it can buy major (if not all) pleasure of life. But if money is not buying you what you always had dreamt of, it’s not money, it’s just currency notes a number at credit side of your A/c.

So next time when you are working hard in your office, missing out something beautiful (your girlfriend or wife’s birthday, your child’s first walk) don’t complain rather be proud you are planning to earn bigger pleasures for your loved ones – may be a beautiful diamond ring for your loved, A sport s bike for your child. And when time comes don’t forget to debit your A/c by swiping it because debit does not always mean withdrawal or spending, sometimes it will earn you the most beautiful smile on your loved one’s face.

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3 Replies to “Is Your Credit Card Working Properly?”

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